Jakie jest tłumaczenie słowa lub zwrotu w języku niemieckim? Czy moje tłumaczenie jest poprawne? Proszę podać możliwie szeroki kontekst jego użycia.
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06.11.2012 08:08:25

Swing States

przez Gość
In der Berichterstattung über den US-Wahlkampf liest man jetzt häufig den Begriff: Swing-States.

Was hat es damit auf sich? Herkunft, Bedeutung, Übersetzung? Weiß jemand genaueres? Freue mich über jeden Hinweis.

Hans-Dieter Kempf
06.11.2012 14:20:28

Re: Swing States

przez fredbär
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Hallo Hans-Dieter,

Claus Kleber erklärt alles hier: http://www.heute.de/ZDF/zdfportal/web/heute-Nachrichten/4672/25111938/af476b/Wahllokale-an-der-Ostk%C3%BCste-ge%C3%B6ffnet.html

Klick auf "video US Wahl: Claus Kleber erklärt wie’s geht



How charmed I am when I overhear a German word which I understand! - Mark Twain
06.11.2012 18:04:40

Re: Swing States

przez [PONS] Ponsomime
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Definition; swing state = US-Bundesstaat mit hohem Wechselwähleranteil (http://de.pons.eu/dict/search/results/?q=swing+state&l=deen&in=&lf=de&kbd=&search_in=dictionary)

more information here; http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_State

08.11.2012 14:59:50

Re: Swing States

przez Fishnchips
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Dołączył(a): 20.10.2011 14:00:13

That's a prime example of how an explanation is more helpful than an attempt at direct translation - taking the expression "Swing States" out of context could be misleading - would otherwise look like a reference to the music genre of the same name.

Another alternative would be to quote the English expression, e.g.:

http://www.schlauerschlafengehen.de/2510-swing-states/1 or

http://wirtschaftskrise.blog.de/2012/09/24/obama-vs-romney-akutellen-umfragen-14868830/ which, BTW also includes a nice definition:

Weitere 112 Wahlmänner entfallen auf die sog. "Swing States", also jene Bundesstaaten, in denen es knapp werden kann und ein eindeutiger Sieger nicht vorhersehbar ist

08.11.2012 15:07:12

Re: Swing States

przez Laura77
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Dołączył(a): 17.10.2011 15:37:18

habe dies auch noch "eingedeutscht" als "Swingstates" vorgefunden:


08.11.2012 15:21:41

Re: Swing States

przez RMcIntyre
Hello to all,

I have been wondering about this ... seems to be an established term in US presidential politics, also referred to in rather colourful terms as

- battleground state
- purple state


none of which really translates witthout looking like a spoof translation :lol:

08.11.2012 20:49:47

Re: Swing States

przez [PONS] yakyuyama
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Hey all,

I believe that the informative video about swing states by Claus Kleber that fredbär was referring to might have gotten buried somewhere on the webpage that you land on via the link, but I found the video elsewhere, for anyone who is still interested:

http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/ ... e%27s-geht

09.11.2012 15:44:23

Re: Swing States

przez Laura77
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Dołączył(a): 17.10.2011 15:37:18
Hey Yama,

Thanks for putting in the video again - good one ... some nice visual cues, humour and non-dry for learners of German!

Just to add to RMcIntyre's comment - I found one (1) Google entry for "Schwenkstaaten", wouldn't recommend as a translation though :roll:
What do others think?


Laura 77
11.11.2012 04:44:48

Re: Swing States

przez 89rules
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Dołączył(a): 06.03.2012 08:37:40
Hey Laura 77, I'm not buying Schwenkstaaten. That sounds a bit too made-up to me. Besides, I noticed at least one (more) pretty big mistake in the article (namely, "in 2000"), which makes me have even less faith in the validity of the term Schwenkstaaten.

Take it easy,

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