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12.07.2012 06:57:30

this or that?

przez Gość

is it correct to say that "This" is used to refer to sth. in close proximity, e.g. sth. said in the sentence before (This is important...) and "Thta" is used to refer to things further away, probably things outside the text???

I need to analyse English texts for my studies and explain the form and function of this or that?

I mean the form is "demonstratives", isn't it?
13.07.2012 10:53:13

Re: this or that?

przez [PONS] yakyuyama
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I don't think the decision as to whether to use "this" or "that" in the sentences situation you mentioned is cut-and-dried. Maybe it's a matter of preference? I'm not sure. I think you can go with either one, depending on the sentences.

As for objects on a table, for instance, I'd agree with you that "this" is used for those things that are close(r) to you, whereas "that" is used for those things that are far(ther) away from you. However, to clearly distinguish between "this" and "that," I'd say it's perhaps better to touch the object that you want to identify using "this" and point to the object that you want to identify using "that."

I hope that helps you a little bit, at the very least. :)

13.07.2012 12:42:57

Re: this or that?

przez fredbär
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Hi Gast,

Yes, I think you’re asking about the use of this and that as demonstrative pronouns.

I think this is difficult for German-speakers because you always use ‘das’ (although I believe ‘dies’ was used more in the past).

You are also right that ‘this’ is used to refer to things which are closer (whether physically, temporally or conceptually).


This is my book and that is your book. = Das (hier) ist mein Buch und das (da) ist dein Buch.

(compare with This book is mine and that book is yours. = Dieses Buch ist meins und das Buch ist deins.)

Also, this/that are only used in the singular, for plural we use these/those.

There are examples of the use of this as a demonstrative pronoun in section II of

and for that

If you write 'This sentence...' then it usually means the sentence immediately before.



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