Jakie jest tłumaczenie słowa lub zwrotu w języku angielskim? Czy moje tłumaczenie jest poprawne? Proszę podać możliwie szeroki kontekst jego użycia.
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02.11.2014 14:18:04

WFK - Wissenschaftlichefachkraft

przez EllieG
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How can I translate the abbreviation "WFK" (Wissenschaftlichefachkraft) into English? Would something like "researcher" do or would you go for something more general, such as "academic specialist"? Or should I rather use a term that describe responsibilities, such as "testing specialist" or "qualification developer", even if it is not related much with the German original word?
Thank you!
17.11.2014 11:53:13

Re: WFK - wissenschaftliche Fachkraft

przez Laura77
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Hello EllieG,

You may find some helpful suggestions here:

e.g. scientific assistant, research assoicate or research assistant.

The correct choice would depend on the context - it would be helpful to know a little more, as this expresssion can refer to various different scenarios in the fields of research and education. The German "Wissenschaft" is used in a wider sense than "science" in English, so it could also be used for "academic".

24.11.2014 11:37:30

Re: WFK - wissenschaftliche Fachkraft

przez EllieG
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Thank you Laura77.
The translation was needed for updating my English CV.
I'm a modern foreign language teacher, working mainly at an institution that provides language courses, translation services and language exams (according to the NATO Referenzrahmen), but I'I'm currently working in a different department for a while (it's a temporary secondment). Now my main responsibility is the development of testing materials for official federal examinations, as well as proofreading, piloting, analysing statistical data and editing the exams accordingly, until an agreement is reached and the exam is finalised. I also work on the production of learning materials for the aforementioned language courses, which often focus on military language (which is difficult to find otherwise in language books, that's why we produce our own materials).
And in case you are wondering, yes, it was me asking the same question on the Wordreference forum.
As I'm not working in academia I'm afraid academic assistant wouldn't do, but on the other hand my job doesn't entail any research, so research assistant doesn't sound right either. And "scientific assistant" would be something different. So I was thinking about something along the line "Material / Qualification Developer" or "Testing Specialist" which describes better what I do, but I'm not quite sure.
Do you (or anyone else) have a better idea?
Thank you in advance!

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