Jakie jest tłumaczenie słowa lub zwrotu w języku niemieckim? Czy moje tłumaczenie jest poprawne? Proszę podać możliwie szeroki kontekst jego użycia.
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27.03.2012 19:45:12

graveyard kid

przez boss48
Wie kann man graveyard kid übersetzen?

Im Song "We are alive" von Springsteen heißt es:

There is a cross up yonder Calvary Hill
There is a graveyard kid
There is a slip of blood on a silver knife
Wher at night the dead come to life

Mein Übersetzungsvorschlag:

Da ist ein Kreuz oben auf dem Hügel Golgatha
Da ist ein Streifen / ein bisschen Blut auf einem silbernen Messer
Dort unten, da ist ein junger Friedhofsgeist
Wo des Nachts die Toten aufstehen
28.03.2012 15:15:16

Re: graveyard kid

przez 89rules
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Springsteen is the coolest....

You got your lyrics a bit wrong. Check http://brucespringsteen.net/songs/we-are-alive:

There's a cross up yonder on Calvary Hill
There's a slip of blood on a silver knife
There's a graveyard kid down below
Where at night the dead come to life

Anyway, my guess is a graveyard kid is either a kid who hangs out all night long or a kid who likes to hang out and play in graveyards.

Take it easy,
28.03.2012 17:47:30

Re: graveyard kid

przez boss48
Thanks for your answer.

Concerning the lyrics, you are right, my quotation was wrong with the lines.

Your suggestion about graveyard kid was just my first idea, too. But considering the whole context of the song, I thought the normally given definition of that would be too simple for a translation, too literally.
Does "graveyard kid" have any special meaning (in America)?

But maybe Springsteen really meant a boy/youth hanging around there.

You are fully right with "Springsteen the coolest." :D
29.03.2012 13:36:28

song lyrics

przez 89rules
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I wish I had a better answer for you.

The best I could do was my (educated?) guess. Song lyrics can often be tricky to figure out...

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