Tłumaczenia dla hasła reste-t-il w angielski»francuski słowniku (Przełącz na francuski»angielski)

1. amount (gen):

pas mal de inf

2. amount:

I.how [Brit haʊ, Am haʊ] PRZYSŁ. SPÓJNIK When how is used as a question word meaning in what way? or by what means? ( how did you get here?, how will you do it?) it is almost always translated by comment: comment es-tu arrivé ici?; comment le feras-tu?
When how is used as a conjunction meaning the way in which it is often translated by comment: I don't know how they did it = je ne sais pas comment ils l'ont fait; tell me how you make a curry = dis-moi comment on fait un curry.
When how is used as a conjunction meaning that it is almost always translated by que: he told me how he had stolen the money = il m'a dit qu'il avait volé l'argent; it's amazing how they survived = c'est étonnant qu'ils aient survécu.
For more examples and particular usages see below.

2. how (enquiring about success, health etc):

3. how (in number, quantity etc questions):

4. how (in exclamations):

I.much [Brit mʌtʃ, Am mətʃ] PRZYSŁ. When much is used as an adverb, it is translated by beaucoup: it's much longer = c'est beaucoup plus long; she doesn't talk much = elle ne parle pas beaucoup.
For particular usages, see I. below.
When much is used as a pronoun, it is usually translated by beaucoup: there is much to learn = il y a beaucoup à apprendre. However, in negative sentences grand-chose is also used: I didn't learn much = je n'ai pas beaucoup appris or je n'ai pas appris grand-chose.
When much is used as an adjective, it is translated by beaucoup de: they don't have much money = ils n'ont pas beaucoup d'argent.
For particular usages see III. below.

1. much (to a considerable degree):

4. much (specifying degree to which something is true):

+ subj thanks very much

1. much:

2. much (expressing a relative amount, degree):

3. much (focusing on limitations, inadequacy):

Zobacz też so

1. so (so very):

10. so (avoiding repetition):

so I see

so inf → long

Tłumaczenia dla hasła reste-t-il w francuski»angielski słowniku (Przełącz na angielski»francuski)

1. espoir (fait d'espérer, sentiment):

I.combien1 [kɔ̃bjɛ̃] PRZYSŁ.

1. combien (dans une interrogation):

II.combien de CZŁ. OKR. interrog

1. combien (avec un nom dénombrable):

1. rester (dans un lieu):

2. rester (dans une position, un état):